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What does Action Audio Apps do exactly?

Our app puts you in the game like never before with access to live on-the-field audio! Players and coaches will be wired with the most technologically advanced microphones and fans will hear the action right as it unfolds along with a fully produced show. Fans can use their smartphone or other compatible device (iPad, iPod, etc.) as a multi-channel receiver live from their seats at the event.

How does the app work?

Just download our free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Then, use it at a live event or listen to archived audio clips. More specifically, once you’re at a live event where AAA is available, just enter your access code to connect to the Action Audio Apps Wi-Fi where the multi-channel player will be active on your device. From the live app, follow along by choosing one of the multiple channels from the player list you want and start listening — it’s that simple!

Where can I get the app?

For Android devices, download it for free at Google Play. For Apple devices, download it free at the iTunes App Store.

How much does it cost?

There is no purchase required for our product. Simply download our free app to your Smartphone or Wi-Fi compatible device, plug in your headphones, and you are ready to go.

Does the app work on other devices like iPad, BlackBerry, etc.?

Yes, the app is compatible with the iPad, iPod and other Android, Mp3 and Wi-Fi touchscreen players. It’s not yet available for the BlackBerry. Please contact us for any device-specific questions through our contact form linked here.

Do I have to be at the game to listen live?

Yes, if you are not at a live event, you can only access the archived audio clips from past events via the Locker.

So I can only use the app at a live event?

No, the app has two features: Live and Locker.
Live is when you are at the event. To access live audio from an event, you have to be there to listen in.
Locker is available 24/7 and allows you to access all archived audio from all your favorite teams, sports or even your favorite players. Check it out and start your own favorites list to share with your friends.

What is the Locker? How does it work?

When you’re not at a live event, the Locker lets you listen to archived audio 24/7 of all your favorite teams, sports or even favorite players. Check it out and start your own favorites list to share with your friends.

How often do you update audio/video archives?

It varies on the events, but we try to update audio/video archives every week to keep the content fresh.

What teams can I listen to through your app?

Since we’re a new product, we are testing/rolling out in limited markets. But we’re growing all the time! Please check our website and Facebook to find an event near you. We currently work with teams in the Arena Football League, FHL hockey and boxing. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

When are you coming to the NFL and other pro teams?

We have interest from NFL teams and other pro teams. Keep checking back with us for updates!

What do you do about profanity?

Sports are highly competitive and the language may not be suitable for everyone. Because of that, the download of our app is restricted to fans over 17 years of age. Please make sure you fully read the disclaimer before you accept.

Is the app just for sports?

No, we have applications for backstage audio at concerts, award events and others. Keep checking our website for news.

How do I request Action Audio Apps at my favorite venue?

Send us an email at to let us know where you would like to see us, and share on social media with your favorite teams.